Color Patches on Wall1 copy.jpg
Lots of Foam copy.jpg
Wall 7 copy.jpg
Metal Wall 1 copy.jpg
Fence and Tent copy.jpg
Brick Wall copy.jpg
Union Pacific 1 (For Big Print) copy.jpg
Brick Wall with Vines Branches copy.jpg
Car with Cover copy.jpg
Play Structure in the Park copy.jpg
Sat Dish 2 copy.jpg
Satelite Dish 8 copy.jpg
Curved Pipe copy.jpg
Blue Whale in the Park copy.jpg
Sprayfoam 5 copy.jpg
Someplace Else copy.jpg
Pioneer 2 copy.jpg
Pioneer 3B copy.jpg
Blue Logger copy.jpg
Red Logger copy.jpg
Antiqes and Car (No Pole 2) copy.jpg
Ice Cream Cone copy.jpg
Want copy.jpg
Sold Truck copy.jpg
Truck on W11th 8 copy.jpg
Wall in Lebanon copy.jpg
Carwash, Glenwood 4 copy.jpg
Every Saturday Night 2 copy.jpg
Barn Dance copy.jpg
Caller copy.jpg
Heart 1 (From Raw) copy.jpg
Heart 5 (Marie) copy.jpg
MM Heart copy.jpg
Community Center copy.jpg
VFW Wall in Lebanon copy.jpg
Good Wins Again 2 copy.jpg
Liquor 2 copy.jpg
Flag Painting in Springfield copy.jpg
Coke Bottle Cottage copy.jpg
seven up 8 copy.jpg
Goodyear copy.jpg
Westinghouse Building copy.jpg
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