After I graduated from Portland State I was fortunate to get a job as a staff photographer at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. I started working there the first year it was open so there was a great deal of excitement everywhere. The nature of my photography changed from focusing on what one might call photojournalism to a fine art approach. Most of my friends there were active photographers. In fact, most of the people that were serious photographers then, went on to have successful careers in one form of of the medium or another. 

Though I eventually returned to working at Evergreen, I left in 1978 and moved back to Portland for a couple of years. At that time my friends Ann Hughes and Robert DiFranco were going to start a photography gallery. They asked me if I wanted to be involved and I said yes. My friends Terry Toedtemeier, whom I have known since high school, and Christopher Rauschenberg whom I met at Evergreen also became Co Founders of Blue Sky. Blue Sky was a success and is thriving today. 

The pictures that appear in the Deep Archive 2 were made during this period.

Table of Contents

Early   - 45 Pictures

Early - 45 Pictures

Trying out the Studio     - 30 Pictures

Trying out the Studio  - 30 Pictures

Mid   - 34 Pictures

Mid - 34 Pictures

  The Photographers   - 17 Pictures

 The Photographers - 17 Pictures

Late   - 44 Pictures

Late - 44 Pictures

Let the Good Times Roll   - 20 Pictures